UltraZyme™ Dishwasher Powder

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Enzymes target and dissolve grease, baked-on food and stains—no pre-soaking required!
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450 g
  • Ingredients
    • Sodium Carbonate (Mineral-Based) (Water Softener)
    • Sodium Citrate (Plant-Derived) (Water Softener)
    • Sodium Carbonate Peroxide (Mineral-Based) (Oxygen Cleaner)
    • Alcohols, C10-12, Ethoxylated Propoxylated (Plant Modified Synthetic) (Surfactant)
    • Sodium Sulfate (Mineral-Based) (Processing Aid)
    • Tetrasodium Iminodisuccinate (Plant-Modified Synthetic) (Water Softener)
    • Sodium Silicate (Mineral-Based) (Corrosion Inhibitor)
    • Citric Acid (Plant-Derived) (pH Adjuster)
    • Protease/Subtilisin (Protein Stain Remover)
    • Amylase (Starch Stain Remover)
  • Problem & Solution

    Problem: While family dinners around the table are wonderful, there’s usually a load of plates, glasses and utensils—not to mention dirty pots and pans—for the dishwasher after the meal. And doing a dishwasher-load every day or two could have an impact on your family’s health and the environment.

    Solution: UltraZyme™ Dishwasher Powder is a powerful, enzyme-based detergent that gets your dishes clean and sparkling without harmful chemicals. This dual-action enzyme formula also does double-duty by cleaning your machine—keeping your dishwasher in tip-top shape.

  • How To Use
    • Remove food particles from dishes and rinse.
    • Place one scoop of UltraZyme™ Dishwasher Powder directly in the dispenser and start dishwasher according to manufacturer’s instructions.
    • For use on all dishwashersafe items.
    • Not recommended for fine silver.
    • Not recommended for hand dishwashing.
    • Pair with Rinse Aid Plus for a full dishwashing solution, to get dishware clean, sparkling and streak-free.
  • Features & Benefits
    • The enzyme blend dissolves food debris on dishes while also working to remove buildup and odours inside your dishwasher.
    • Formula contains a built-in water softener.
    • One small scoop cleans an entire load.
    • Up to 45 loads per jar.
    • Hard-water friendly.
    • Biodegradable formula.
    • Septic-system friendly.
    • Suitable for all automatic dishwashers.


    • SLS/SLES
    • Bleach
    • EDTA
    • Fragrance
    • Dyes
    • Ammonia
    • Phosphates

    Plus - no animal-derived ingredients and not tested on animals!

  • Did You Know?
    For best results, load large items along the sides and back of the dishwasher so they don’t block the water and detergent. Face the
    dirtier side of dishes toward the centre of the machine, and don’t let dishes or utensils nest. Place items with baked-on food in the bottom rack, face-down toward the sprayer. Rest glasses upside down on prongs so they don’t fill with water. Use the top rack for plastic and delicate items
    that are dishwasher-safe.

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