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Ultra Plush Bath Towel, heathered oatmeal
Item#: 751005

Ultra Plush Bath Towel, heathered oatmeal


Our thickest, plushest Bath Towel! It’s highly absorbent and fast drying, so it’s ready to wrap you in comfort again quickly.

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  • Problem & Solution

    Problem: As you emerge from your bath or shower, you want to wrap yourself in a towel that’s much more than just absorbent. Your towel needs to also be warm, soft and luxurious to caress and pamper you as it quickly dries your skin.

    Solution:Treat yourself to the velvety warmth of our snuggly and cosy Ultra-Plush Bath Towel. It’s our thickest, fluffiest Bath Towel! 

  • How To Use
    • Use to dry body and hair.
    • Super-soft and absorbent so you simply pat dry.
    • Rubbing action helps with exfoliation.
    • Hang to dry after using.
  • Features & Benefits
    •    Ultra-soft microfibre is perfect for all skin types.
    •    Quick-drying, warm and cosy.
    •    Also available to purchase in the Towel Set.
    •    On-trend oatmeal colour works well in any bathroom.
    •    You’ll save money since you don’t need to wash them after each use.
    •    BacLock®* offers continuous protection against microbes and odours within the cloth.
    •    BacLock®* within the cloth makes it mildew-resistant, keeping it cleaner and fresher, longer.
    •    Plush, extra-high pile provides extra absorbency.
    •    Ultra-plush microfibre makes them super-soft, fluffy and warm.
  • Did You Know?
    Typical soaps and cleansers can be harsh and drying to skin. This can be problematic for those with sensitive skin. Using a soft microfibre cloth with just water can help maintain the balance of delicate skin.
    Leaving a bit of moisture on your skin after showering can help it not to become too dry, especially if you help lock in that moisture with a good body lotion or moisturiser.
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